Cecilton ~ Today has been a very special day for our tiny town as we were awarded the 2023 Maryland Rural Water “Water System of the Year” in Ocean City, Maryland. This is an incredible achievement and honor as we work so incredibly hard to ensure the highest quality water and wastewater services are being provided for the communities we serve. We often spend hours doing this while you’re sleeping. We respond to emergencies regardless of the time of day, day of the week, holiday and COVID. Having worked through COVID managing systems that were dealing with increased use and labor. Getting the occasional 3 am alarm that former Mayor Joe Zang still gets. Don’t want him to forget how much he loves this town. Hahahaha. Thank you so much, Maryland Rural Water for being a constant and invaluable resource. Susquehanna Services for caring as much about our facilities as we do. Cecilton Town Staff and Elected Officials who work tirelessly to ensure we’re operating as we should. Our customers who demonstrate patience and kindness while we work through emergencies, repairs and maintenance. So drink up!! Water that is. Congratulations!

MRWA AwardGroup of six adults posing for photo with blue backdrop2023 MRWA Award Winners