Have you ever watched a child at play? Have you noticed how inventive and creative they are? A branch becomes a magic wand, a pet becomes a companion in an original adventure. Have you noticed how they see things that we would never see? How they ask questions that we would never think to ask? This is the spirit of “Creative Kids”.

What – Creative activities, snack, play and bible stories
Who – Children: kindergarten and under
When – Wednesdays 2-5 pm, when school is in session
Where – Zion Unlimited Methodist Church community hall.

Enrollment is limited. Children are accepted on a “first come basis”.

Adult Leaders will walk (drive if weather is bad) children from Cecilton Elementary School to Zion UMC. As with all church activities involving children, we will be following child protective “Safe Sanctuary” policy. Children will not be released to someone is not on the contract list until we have spoken with their parent/guardian.

Parents: If the child normally rides the bus home, parents will need to send a note to Cecilton Elementary School that their child will be walking to Zion UMC on Wednesday afternoons. To avoid worry and confusion, you need to inform us of changes in contact information, early or late pick-ups of children, pickups by someone not on contact list, and inform us (and school) if child/children are not attending Creative Kids on a particular day. Parents are invited to attend Creative Kids with their children, especially if they arrive to pick them up before 4:45.

Children: Children will follow “God Cares About You and We Do Too” code of conduct.

Please Be Aware: *No use of personal electronic devices allowed during program.*

If you have any questions or need to make us aware of last minute changes, contact Bruce Obenshain at 443-553-8479 by voice or text.

Registration: To register your child, complete the information on the registration form, sign, and mail to Cecilton United Methodist Parish, 168 W. Main St., Cecilton, MD 21913-0326 OR email to