Ignite Glove Co. – Cecilton Residents Matt and Brandy were inspired to establish and grow Ignite Glove Co. in 2020 when they encountered a young athlete and his mother at All American Sports Academy.  The young man and his mother were discussing the price of the baseball gloves.  His mother was explaining to him that the gloves were not within her price range.

Matt and Brandy ultimately purchased and gifted the young man the glove and were inspired to take it a step further.  What if we were able to provide a high quality product for a fraction of the price?  What if we were able to help these young athletes acquire high quality equipment that they may normally not have access to, at a better price?  Ignite Glove Co. was born.

Countless hours of research, travel, product testing, manufacturing and marketing resulted in Ignite Gloves being in the hands of athletes all over the United States, as well as, Canada.  In the beginning Ignite produced one to three custom gloves a month and are now averaging forty. Matt and Brandy play on a coed slow pitch softball team.  For more information regarding our neighbors company please go to  visitIgnitegloves.com or contact them at .

Wouldn’t it be so much fun to have a Cecilton Adult Recreational Slow Pitch Softball Team or two? If this idea interests you, please emailas Matt and Brandy are willing to help us establish a few teams for some fun games of softball in our hometown.