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Cecil County’s Community drainage ditch system was installed in the late 60s and early 70s to provide drainage relief of high groundwater in the area of Cecilton. Due to the presence of high groundwater, it is imperative that the positive flow within these ditches be maintained as it helps mitigate flooding within the town. As a landowner or caretaker with a ditch located on your property, there are actions you can take to assist in maintaining your portion of the system.

Q & A
What should you as a landowner do?

  • Ensure that trash and yard debris, such as grass clippings, leaves, branches, etc. are not placed in the ditch. Such items cause blockages and backup water within the ditch system & cause harm to the community.
  • Maintain access to the right-of-way or ditch channel. Leaving taller grasses along the edge of the ditch and the channel can help maintain the stability or your soil sidewalls and improve water quality.
  • Remove invasive plants and woody vegetation

What to look for and what to report:

  • Report blockages, overgrowth, crossings in need of repair and standing water without positive flow

What is the mowing schedule?

  • Mowing takes place at least once or twice a year by either the Cecil Soil Conservation District or by the Town of Cecilton when access is available.

For ditch maintenance adjacent to agricultural properties, please contact Cecil Soil Conservation District, 410-398-4411,ext. 3.

For ditch maintenance within the town limits, please contact The Town of Cecilton, 410- 275-2692